Taking Care of Your Stylish Dresses

Do you really want your favorite dresses to last long to be able to wear it for another glamorous occasion? Don’t worry, we’ll give you some effective tips on how to take care of your stylish dresses.

Don’t always use a particular dress.

Give your dresses a rest. The best thing to do is rotate your clothes so they will not be constantly use or easily worn out.

Keep them properly.

If you’re not going to wear your dress for a whole season, make sure to store it with proper care so you can use it again for the next one.

Moderate the use of dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning your dresses can be costly and can affect the clothing material with harsh chemicals.

Wash them properly.

This is the best and easiest method to keep them from wearing out or fading.

Give them a dye bath once in awhile. Especially for dresses with dark colors, if you want to bring the material’s solid color, give them a dye bath once in awhile.

Special care for different types of cloth material.

Different types of clothing material deserve unique ways of taking care of them.

To maintain the quality of your dress, hand washing is recommended.

You can do it by cleaning it using a cold/lukewarm water with a little amount of mild detergent. If your dress is colored, add 3 tbsp. of vinegar for every 8 cups of water. When you’re done handwashing it, instead of wringing the fabric, just gently squeeze it. When it’s dry already, make sure to keep it in a dry dark place.


The best washing method for Cashmere dresses is by hand-washing it with cold water and baby shampoo. While the dress is wet, hanging it by the shoulders will stretch the material. A quick drying method is using a salad spinner or just by laying it flat on a surface and gently pressing the dress using a clean towel. To avoid moths habituating it from long time of storage, make sure to clean it before storing.


Your cotton dress is made out of durable cloth which makes it safe to be cleaned in your washing machine with warm water and detergent. If the cloth is white, wash it with bleach. As easy it is for cotton to wrinkle, it same with ironing it.


Same with cotton dresses, rayon cloth can easily get wrinkled. However, the ironing heat doesn’t need to be the same with cotton. If the dress has detailed draping, handwashing with lukewarm water is recommended. Do not wring the dress after washing. Instead, hang it while it’s completely wet.


Majority of dresses made out of polyester can be washed using a washing machine with fabric softener and can be dried using warm water. Some have to be washed according to the tag’s instructions. Drying should be on a low temperature and ironing should be moderately warm. To remove a stain, use a stain remover to rub the affected part and leave it not more than 30 minutes before washing. If it’s white, soak it for a day in water and a third of a cop of automatic dishwashing soap for every gallon of water before washing.

Taking care of your dresses to last longer can be really time-consuming and tiring. However, if you’ll see the results in the end, you will realize how your dresses are worth your patience, time and effort.