Top 5 hairstyles to compliment your evening dress

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The way that the women wear makeup, style their and dress up has changed over the years – and you can name many reasons: societal, financial independency, political and feminism are the top reasons. Hairstyling has to be original, express your personality and above all make you feel good about yourself. How one can choose the best hairstyle for right dress? What criteria should you follow to balance them? Everything depends on the dress neckline, the color, your body type, sometimes your intentions and the occasion. The top 5 hairstyles, using the best hair straightener below based on the dress neckline criteria.

Sweetheart Neckline and Pumped up Ponytail so far

The Sweetheart Neckline appeared on the early 1960’s looking formal making the woman look like a princess in a mostly black and white dress. You can get the volume of the ’Pumped Ponytail’ with a hair straightener, which will make you look elegant, and a rebellious chick at the same time.

Side Swept Hair and Mermaid Dress

The classy curly or wavy Side Swept Hair would look glamorous on a mermaid neckline getting the ultra femme fatale look. It will both look being wavy and short on long on other off-shoulder dress, such as the jovial Sweetheart neckline.

Top Knot and Asymmetrical neckline

The underestimated Top Knot hairstyle can exceed your expectations if you match it with the right dress’ neckline. The Strapless Dress is romantic enough on a wedding, prom night etc. If you think, you do not need to straighten your hair to get a Top Knot hair that is not all at true. The top Knot Hairstyle also looks on any face shapes and Strapless dresses.

Braided Ponytail and Halter Neckline

Braided hairs looks perfect on Halter Neckline. They make you look elegant without looking predictable. Swipe your hair on a long ponytail; it can be a fishtail braid or herringbone. The High Bun hairstyle delivers and interesting look as well.

Center part and Low back

The low back dress draws an impressive attention on your back making everyone wonder whom the person in the front is, it’s usually the dress best side. Jennifer Aniston is known for matching the Center Part and low back dress. You will look simple and sophisticated whether you use a curvy or straight hair. Only a good hair straightener can do the job. The high sleek bun suits very well but it is more formal with its traditional approach.

Just as much as they say that the eyes are the window to soul and the first impression can last forever, your hairstyle can tell a lot about you, your intentions, self-esteem, even the way you treat yourself. Matching the hairstyle with the wardrobe is essential for the women to look amazing at the prom, a wedding and in every social occasion.For sexy straight hair styles, please use a best hair straightener. Hairstyling is so important that there is even a category at the Oscars ceremony that awards ’Makeup and Hairstyling’’, the way that the female artists present themselves at those special occasion are inspiring.